Residential Trash Removal Services

At Ballard Sanitation, we believe that garbage removal is one of those services that should be so efficient as to go nearly unnoticed. It ought to be as smooth as clockwork; you have your garbage ready on pickup day, and we arrive as scheduled, load it on the truck, and haul it away. When done correctly, it is a hassle-free event. Over our 65 years in the industry, we’ve developed a system that works just like that.

We are a locally-owned, family-run operation, and we are committed to the communities and customers we serve. Family is important to you, just like it is to us, and that’s why we’ll never send a stranger onto your property for trash removal. We trust our employees, have trained them on safety procedures and hold them to our high standards for customer satisfaction.

Household Debris

Our residential service includes the removal of general household waste and trash from your cleanup projects. Household debris also includes such things as wood scraps, empty paint buckets and cardboard, but does not include food waste, biohazardous materials such as hypodermic needles, or petroleum products. We cannot accept hazardous waste such as TVs, monitors, paints, solvents, or electrical equipment with plugins. If you need a dumpster for cleaning out a household during moving or when managing an estate, we have them available in a size to meet your needs.

Our residential clients have several options when it comes to trash removal. Regardless of the size, we’ll help you decide on the trash removal service that’s right for you.

Curbside Pickup

With this convenient service, customers simply roll their garbage container to the end of the driveway on garbage day, we remove the trash, and they roll it back home.

To-the-Door Pick-Up

If total convenience is what you’re looking for, this is a great option for you. No having to remember it’s trash day, then rolling your trash to the street or highway. We’ll come right to your door and do the work for you! This is a great service for aging customers and those with mobility issues. This handy service is available in Pelican Rapids, Dunvilla, Elizabeth, Lake Park, Audubon, Cormorant, Dent and Vergas.

Large Item Pick-Up

Do you have heavy, over-sized or unwieldy items, such as non-working appliances, broken furniture, unused mattresses, etc., taking up space in your home? Ballard Sanitation can arrange to pick them up and haul them away for you. Call us today for more information and pricing.

Quarterly Billing

Our billing is upfront, easy to understand and is sent out quarterly, plus we offer seasonal service for our snowbird customers.

Roll-Off Containers

If you have plans for a home improvement project, we have a trash removal solution for you. Our roll-off services are just that: we roll the waste removal dumpster off the truck at your site, and pick it up when it’s full or your project is done. Call us today for pricing

Seasonal Service

If you’re a snowbird or have a summer lake home, we offer seasonal garbage removal and will only bill you for the months you require service.

At Ballard Sanitation, we’re committed to keeping our cities, businesses and neighborhoods clean by offering safe, reliable garbage removal service at an affordable price. Call us today and see the Ballard difference for yourself.

We’re located at 30 2nd Avenue NW in Pelican Rapids, MN. Our regular business hours are Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Closed Saturday and Sunday